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Tai Chi for Health Community 2019 USA
Annual Tai Chi Workshop Scholarship Awards

Download and print a copy of these guidelines.

General Awards Information

Tai Chi for Health Community (TCHC) will be awarding scholarships for Dr. Lam’s USA Annual June Weeklong Workshop to be held June 10-15, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The weeklong workshop offers many classes that will allow you to improve your tai chi. Details will be posted on the Institute website (www.taichiforhealthinstitute.org). The scholarship is for workshop tuition only. The recipients are responsible for room and board and travel to and from the workshop and any other expenses.

Detailed information about the workshop will be on the Tai Chi for Health Institute website – www.taichiforhealthinstitute.org.

An individual is eligible to apply for the scholarship award if he or she:

a) is a TCHC member in good standing

b) has not previously received a TCHC scholarship

Criteria for Award

Awardees are selected on the basis of the applicant’s

1) Seriousness of purpose to develop their knowledge and skills in Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs

2) Intention and defined goals to help in their community with their tai chi for health knowledge through teaching or other means;

3) History of community service involvement; and

4) Financial need

Applicants will be asked to submit a brief statement regarding criteria 1-3 (see application form). They will also be asked to provide a reference from a Master Trainer, Senior Trainer, or knowledgeable acquaintance who will address: 

1) Applicant’s serious of purpose to teach tai chi, and 

2) Ability to relate and work with people.

The Russ Smiley Senior Trainer Scholarship

The Russ Smiley Senior Trainer Scholarship may be awarded once per year at the discretion of the TCHC Scholarship Committee. All Senior Trainers in good standing with Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI) AND Tai Chi for Health Community (TCHC) that have not previously received the Russ Smiley Senior Trainer Scholarship are eligible candidates. The TCHC Scholarship Committee may award the Russ Smiley Senior Trainer Scholarship to a senior trainer who does an exceptional job conducting the responsibilities of a Senior Trainer.

Selection Process

The applications of individuals who meet the eligibility requirements will be evaluated on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis.

A committee appointed by the TCHC President will be responsible for evaluating applications according to the award criteria and selecting the final scholarship recipients. Consideration will be given to long term members of TCHC.

No member of the committee shall be allowed to vote on an application of their immediate family or relatives, employee, employer, student, instructor or other close party.

Awards will be announced in December by the Committee Chairperson. If you are awarded a scholarship and accept it, you will be notified when the workshop registration is available and given instructions on how to register. You will need to register as soon as possible to ensure that the class you desire is available.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

Each applicant must complete a TCHC 2018 Workshop Scholarship Award Application (application) including the short essay supporting their eligibility. Applications may be submitted online or by Email and are due by October 18, 2017. Applications will be available PDF file and Microsoft Word Fill-in form file formats on the TCHC website –www.tchc.info.


Apply online here >>

By Email

A completed application can be emailed as an attached file to scholarships@tchc.info . The email and attached application file must be received before midnight Eastern Time, October 20, 2014. Note: the attached application file must be in a MS Word *.doc or a *.PDF file extension format. A confirmation of receipt will be emailed to you.

Where to Obtain an Application Form

Application forms can be obtained by –

1) Applying online 

2) Downloading the Microsoft Word application

3) Submitting a request through scholarships@tchc.info to have an application in a PDF file or Microsoft Word Fill-in file format be emailed to you.


Each applicant agrees to provide Tai Chi for Health Community, Inc. with “first” access to their related news stories and photographs for publicity/promotion about the scholarship program and awards. No information will be published or released without the applicant’s permission.

Other Disclosures and Procedures

Tai Chi for Health Community is not responsible for lost, delayed or undelivered email application submissions.

Applicants will be notified by email of the timely receipt of their scholarship applications.

Applications shall be considered confidential material and only members of the scholarship committee may review them.

All Scholarships checks will be made payable to the Contractor for the 2019 USA Annual Tai Chi Workshop. Scholarship checks are not made to the awardees.

Tai Chi for Health Community, Inc. is a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).
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