Tai Chi for Health Community

Our Mission, Goals and Activities

Instructor skills & practice workshopThe Tai Chi for Health Community (TCHC) is a professional association of United States tai chi instructors, tai chi practitioners, and health and wellness professionals who are interested in improving the quality of people‚Äôs lives through Tai Chi for Health programs.  We are not a Tai Chi school. Rather, we come from many varied schools and backgrounds. Our goals are to promote tai chi health exercise and to provide tai chi health instructor support through research information, networking opportunities, educational materials, class support, and advanced training.

TCHC is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.  Anyone may apply for membership.

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TCHC's Goals Include...

  • Improve health and wellness through the Tai Chi for Health programs
  • Expand good knowledge of Tai Chi through education and training
  • Expand Tai Chi for Arthritis programs
  • Disseminate information on the medical aspects of Tai Chi
  • Develop a support network for instructors
  • Support medical research related to Tai Chi
  • Increase use of Tai Chi for health

TCHC Activities

Annual Workshop

A sampling of some of the things we do...

Annual U.S.A. Workshop

To support our members and deepen tai chi skills and understanding, TCHC co-sponsors with Dr. Paul Lam an annual U.S.A Tai Chi for Health workshop that offers training from introductory through advanced levels. The workshop is held each year in mid-June.

Website, Newsletters and Social Media

Our members benefit from access to website resources and forums for discussions with Master Trainers and other TCHC members. Members receive a quarterly newsletter highlighting methods, activities, opportunities and insights into the application and practice of tai chi for health. We also have a very active TCHC Facebook page

that provides lots of opportunities for connection and interaction with other tai chi teachers and practitioners.

Instructor and Senior Trainer Support

Our website provides a go-to place for teaching and business resources that Tai Chi for Health instructors in the U.S. will find useful, including logos, insurance information, event/workshop listings, continuing education information and member directories.


Each year TCHC awards  number of scholarships to assist deserving member instructors in furthering their education through attendance at Tai Chi for Health workshops.

Research and Education

Supporting and contributing to scientific research on the benefits and effectiveness of Tai Chi for Health programs is part of TCHC's mission.  Members have access to annotated bibliographies of research papers and other publications that they can use to promote our programs to the health care community.

Member Discounts

Through TCHC, instructor members appreciate access to liability insurance at group rates. Our members also qualify for discounts on Tai Chi for Health Institute workshops and tai chi DVDs, books, and other instructional materials.

Join Us!

We welcome new members to our association who share our vision of making quality tai chi programs available to all individuals who can benefit from improved health. Please explore our website information, contact us if you have any questions, and join us to become a part of our movement to spread Tai Chi for Health programs for better health across the hemisphere!


Tai Chi for Health Community, Inc. is a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).
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