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Winter 2019

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Happy New Year! -- by Danniel Ward-Packard, Interim Editor
The January 2019 edition of the TCHC newsletter is full of content to inspire your teaching and your practice. Hear from our President, our committees, our scholars, and more! .... Read More >>

Moving Forward, Looking Back -- by Johnny Packard, TCHC President
In Yang style “Repulse Monkey” we move forward while looking backward. It’s a tricky movement, because we can’t see what lies ahead, only what has come before. “Repulse Monkey” requires a leap of faith that the ground ahead will be firm. So too as the Tai Chi for Health Community looks back at 2018 and moves forward into 2019, our organization is taking a leap of faith.... Read More >> 

Big Changes Ahead! -- by Ron Pfeiffer, Communications Committee Chair
Your Communications Committee has been hard at work creating a comprehensive and dynamic web presence, as well as rebranding TCHC as the go-to organization for tai chi instructors. One of our goals is to bring to our members a truly unique and vibrant web experience. Our new website will have many state-of-the-art features... Read More >> 

Research Committee Report -- by Beverly Roberts, Ph.D., Committee Chair
The Research Committee has reorganized and has been hard at work holding regular meetings, and making progress on two projects: 1) updating the existing TCHC abstract database and, 2) creating a web survey of our members. ...  Read More >> 

Scholarship Fundraising Committee Report -- by Denise Murray, Committee Chair
One of the most popular events at Dr. Lam’s weekend and week long workshop is the Scholarship Fund raffle. With each raffle or 50/50 ticket that you purchase at Dr. Lam’s annual workshop you are giving a deserving instructor an opportunity to attend the week long workshop next year... 
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Let's Begin -- by Mia Kanazawa, 2018 TCHC Scholar
I applied for the scholarship because I live in rural Maine, and was yearning to deepen my tai chi practice. The scholarship made it possible for me to attend the week long workshop. I learned so much from the pre-conference and the in depth Sun 73 workshop. The unexpected treasure, however, was talking with the other participants... 
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An Invaluable Experience -- by Nina Zeldin, ST, 2018 TCHC Scholar
I applied for the scholarship to gain more skills and knowledge, as the more I learn the more I can share with others to help make TCHI programs grow. Sharing the wealth of TCHI programs is part of my tai chi journey, as well part of my role as Community Outreach Coordinator for Healthy Acadia, a non-profit community health coalition serving the rural Hancock and Washington counties of Maine.... 
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Feasting for Community -- by Bob Casey, ST
Over the years instructing I have come to the conclusion that most students desire collegiality along with the desire to learn the form. I have always known that food can also be a stimulus. Hence, twice a year, we have Chinese feasts, one following World Tai Chi an Qigong Day and the second in the fall usually around Thanksgiving. This year we had the urge to feast early so arranged it around Halloween.... 
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Time for Tea -- by Arthur Lopez, ST
The sixth annual Fresno, CA “Tai Chi Tea” event was held on December 20th, 2018. At the event Fresno area Tai Chi instructors commemorated Dr. Lam’s visionary program by honoring our students. Instructors, participants, and guests enjoyed Tai Chi demonstrations, a sitting meditation, a potluck dinner, and of course tea.... 
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Tai Chi Tethered to a Healthier Tomorrow -- by Dr. Maurice Olfus
Since 2016, tai chi teachers Ms. Shigeko Carter, Mr. Jeff Johnson and I have implemented strategies designed to showcase tai chi and qigong practice as a cost effective self-care tool. Ample evidence demonstrates the need for an accessible self-care and prevention modality well suited to any age... 
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Taking Tai Chi on the Road -- by Shelia Harrigan
As I travel the highways and rural pathways of New York State for my job, I take take tai chi on the road along with my suitcase. After a day of driving and meetings, tai chi is a peaceful transition into the evening hours... 
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Volunteer Opportunities
The TCHC Board is seeking a permanent, independent, deadline-abiding newsletter editor. The editor will plan, coordinate, review and edit content. The editor will be able to decide which ideas should be pursued in order to meet TCHC's content goals. The goal is to provide exceptional, informative and engaging content. Contact Johnny at jpackard@tchc.info for details.  
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